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Types of filling machines such as thick fluid filling machine, grit filling machine, dilute liquids and ...
Behafarin machine manufacturing is Designer and manufacturer of drying furnace. This machine is used for drying wet powders.
Usually a powder mixer is used to mix two or more types of powder together


Vertical and horizontal mixers or ribbon blenders and rotary mixers in
different sizes.
Different kinds of automatic and semi-automatic fillers for thick, semi thick
or diluted liquids and powders with demanded efficiency and speed for
various industries.
Automatic, semi-automatic and manual lid closers for plastic bottle, PET, glass, filling bags, barrel filler, filling gallon, and screw conveyors, automatic and semi-automatic shrink wrap packaging machine and label shrink tunnel.
rotary furnace dryers Hammer mill and pin mill Furnace for manufacturing materials Various tanks made of iron and steel (tanks have storage and mixer with two and three-wall reactors and types of industrial machines in various industries including:
Food industry,pharmaceutical Industries,Agriculture industry,Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries and etc.
Packing is the most important and essential part of processing a product which is responsible for identification and maintenance of product from production to consumption.
The science of packaging design is the science of art and technology of product protection, storage, transmission and distribution, storing, selling and using it in a way that doesn’t cause any loss or damage for product and environment during the process from production to consumption.
Packing includes design, evaluation, and package manufacturing.
It is generally inseparable part of our lives as we can find it all around from food and pharmaceutical items to commodities, household appliances, industrial and strategic goods such as petrochemicals which are all related to packaging.
The main function of packing is product protection. Packing with standard labels allows us to find out what type of product is inside the package and how to maintain it.
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and authorized organizations for national standards in advanced countries have taken important steps to develop packing standards and technical specifications.
Package design includes external packing and graphic designing.
Nowadays, it seems packing design should be sub-group of product design therefore they could be started and done along with each other.