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Packaging Machinery to Afarin, designer and manufacturer of packaging machinery

Automatic and semi-automatic fillers for concentrated, semi-concentrated, dilute and powder liquids Lids, automatic and semi-automatic types of plastic bottles, PET, glass Rotary kilns for material drying, hammer mill and pin mill Screw conveyors, automatic and semi-automatic shearing packs, Steel tanks - storage and mixing tanks Bag filling, barrel filling, gallon filling Powder Mixer - Blender Ribbon

Types of powder mixers included

  • 1. Vertical powder mixer
  • 2. Horizontal mixer or ribbon blender for homogeneous powders
  • 3. Rotary mixer (double mixer, V-blender) for mixing heterogeneous powders

Important points about choosing a powder mixer

The basis for calculating the capacity of a powder mixer, according to the density and density of solids, is liters. Density or density is a defined ratio that can be calculated with two parameters of mass and volume of the object. In other words, density is equal to the ratio of mass to volume of an object.

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Address: Twenty kilometers of the old Karaj road - on the national shoe bridge, two kilometers to Shahriar - Zagros Industrial Complex - Sanat Street - Fifth Industries - No. 18

هاتف: 021-46844167

Beh Afarin Machine Building started its activity in 2001 with the aim of manufacturing packaging and industrial machines. And with continuous efforts to improve the quality level and by observing the standards in the field of design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of packaging and industrial machines that can be used in food industry - pharmaceutical industry - agricultural industry - oil, gas and petrochemical industry and… is.