Double-wall powder liquid mixing machine

Behafarin machine manufacturing group is designer and manufacturer of double-wall mixer (reactor) cylindrical (vertical) and horizontal for processing liquids and powders. In some powders, when they are mixed, it is necessary to be heated indirectly into the powder. This is done in a liquid-powder double wall mixing machine. In the second wall, which is protected, there is special oil that by inserting the special elements in the same wall, the oil inside it will reach the desired temperature. The main parts of these mixers are made of internal blades, shafts and bearing rollers like any ordinary mixer.
A nuclear reactor or atomic reactor is a device for regulating and controlling nuclear reactions. Liquid-powder double glazed mixing machine in laboratory size is used to produce radioactive isotopes, as well as generating electrical energy and producing neutrons. The size and design of the reactor varies according to their usage. The fission process by which a neutron is absorbed by a heavy core (high mass) and then split into two smaller nuclei, along with energy release and several other neutrons. The fission process by which a neutron is absorbed by a heavy core (high mass) and then split into two smaller cores, along with energy release and several other neutrons. A horizontal powder mixer machine is consisting of a motorized gear box, a tank in different volumes (50 to 5000 liters), a central shaft and two blades. The diameter of the main shaft that carries the blades is determined by factors such as density, size and type of material that varies between 40 to 150 mm. The main shaft, sub-shafts and ribbon blades are often made from the material that the tank is made from.
If the material is silica and abrasive, Iron is used to build a reservoir and for blades and shafts, stainless steel is used.
The blades are in four series (two large feathers and two small feathers) and are placed and move in two opposite directions. The larger blades direct the material from the two ends of the tank toward the center and the small blades, direct the material from center toward the two ends of the tank thus the product is thoroughly mixed together.
The tank door is three-piece and in order to prevent dust from mixing, a sealing tape will be placed underneath the door. The drainage door is located in the bottom and middle of the tank and can be constructed in either a slider or a damper. The outlet valve has the ability to connect to the screw conveyor or a funnel mechanism
can be fitted to fill the bag under the tank, or a horizontal Screw conveyor to transfer the powder to another point below the tank.
The height of the outlet valve can be designed from 30 to 130 centimeters (as required or ordered).
Liquid-powder double wall mixing machine is suitable for mixing any powder such as tea, coffee, spice, cake powder, cement, tile adhesive, additives in concrete, sports supplements and etc.
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