Drum filling and gallon filling machines

Drum filling machine: it is another production of Behafarin group. This machine is designed and constructed linear or rotary in semi-automatic and fully automatic forms which has ability to fill gallon and barrel and it can also be designed as a movable nozzle and fixed nozzle. The filling barrel is commonly used to fill single barrels or pallets for dilute, thick, and concentrated fluids, such as oils and petroleum derivatives, solvents, chemicals, detergents and etc. The filling barrel has a high discharge pump, which improves the efficiency of filling the barrel. The two-round filling system is usually used to increase precision that first round at
high speed and second round at lower speed; For example, if you want to fill a barrel of 100 liters of liquid, You need to get an equivalent weight of one hundred kilograms; Then about ninety-eight liters of it will be filled with high speed and the last two liters will be filled with low speed. The barrels are arranged either in pallet or individual forms by a worker or forklift on a roller conveyer and when they reach to the desired point they stop. The nozzle is guided into the barrel and by command of PLC attempts to fill the barrel. After filling the barrels and closing the door, the conveyer moves with a gentle slope and they will be moving on the ground, In this case, the barrels can be moved by the forklift truck.
Features of barrel filling machine

  • Automatic weighing control system
  • High accuracy and filling speed
  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Increases productivity and quality in the final product
  • Movable column (height adjustment)
  • With anti-leak to prevent environmental contamination
  • Designed to enter the nozzle into the barrel and do not contaminate the work environment
  • Usability for different barrels in diameter and height
  • Functionality for a variety of dilute and semi-concentrated liquids
  • The ability to order the conveyor before and after the device
  • The ability to fill from the bottom of the barrel
  • The ability to insert the machine into a canopy (container) and automatic monitoring without hand involvement
  • Ability to fill in with two rounds
    What is a gallon?
    Gallon is a volume unit used in both systems of “Common American Units” and “Royal British” in three different quantities. In Britain, Canada, and some Caribbean countries, they use the “Imperial Gallon” or “Royal Gallon” which is approximately 4.546092 liters. American Gallon is used for liquid materials in the United States and some Latin American countries, which is about 3.785412 liters. The “American Gallon” is rarely used for solids, and its amount is about 4.40 liters.
    What is a barrel?
    It is a volume unit from 100 to 200 liters. An oil barrel is 158,973 liters.
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