Lid placing and lid closing machines

Lid closing machine
Lid closing and lid placing machines are other productions of Behafarin Machinery Company. The lid closing devices are commonly constructed in three models for round and flat containers.

  1. Full automatic lid closing and lid placing machines
  2. Semi-automatic lid closing machine
  3. Manual lid closing machine
    Considering the design and structure of PET bottles, there is embedded a bridge on top of the bottle which will have a great impact on the quality and speed of the machines. The PET bottles are filled and sealed by Monobloc, three blocks and superblock.
    Major use of PET bottles in industries:
  • Dough production
  • Mineral water production line
  • Antifreeze
  • Rose water filling
  • The production of lemon juice
  • The production of juice
  • Thinner Bottle
  • Production of fireproof materials
  • Packing glasses
  • Filling the milk
  • Lines for the production of sodas and etc.
    Lid placing machine and automatic lid closing machine
    Lid placing and lid closing machines have possibility to place and close lid on round and flat containers and these machines are designed completely automatic so that the lid is thrown inside the sorter then they will be directed to the container uniformly and sorter’s operation is performed by eye sensor which is mounted on the shot.
    Semi-automatic lid closing machine
    Semi-automatic lid closing machine with one and a half meter of conveyor belt is laid along the filling machine and also it can be used independently. Its function is like: it should first be placed on the bottle, then put a plastic or glass bar on the conveyor to move the bottle to the head and lid closing process is finished.
    Manual lid closing machine
    By making a suitable head for the desired lid and installing it into a column drill you can make a cheap, inexpensive manual lid closing device.
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