Liquid filling machine for diluted liquid

This machine has ability to fill dilute liquids from 10 to 20,000 cc and number of nozzles is different from one to ten nozzles at customer’s request and also the efficiency and production capacity are taking into account.

Behafarin group is designer and manufacturer of liquid filling machines for diluted liquid. This device is in two automatic and semi-automatic models and it is possible for it to fill a variety of diluted oral, chemical and acid liquids.
In this system, a tank is embedded on the device in which the material with its gravity and weight is directed into nozzles and in the direction of the exit. The opening and closing of the nozzles is controlled by the solenoid valve and the volume of the material (Timer-weighted) from the PLC’s control panel. Fixing the fluid level inside the tank will increase the precision of injection and uniformity of filling. The reservoir of the diluted liquid filling machine has a surface controller and an electrical panel is made of polyester, anti-spark stainless steel or iron; it is furnace coated and equipped with PLC. The rig system, opening and closing of nozzles are pneumatic. Designed nozzles in Behafarin machine manufacturing company are waterproof and non-leak.

Specifications for diluted liquid filling machine:

  • Skeleton made of iron or steel cans
  • Stainless steel veneer or PVC
  • 100 to 300 liter steel tank or PVC
  • 3 meters of conveyor with inverter to set the engine speed
  • Pneumatic Rope System
  • Electrical panel made of polyester or iron with a coated furnace equipped with PVC
  • Nozzles made of steel or PVC (due to corrosive materials)

The efficiency and capacity of Behafarin diluted liquid filling machine, considering the average material density, are as follows:

  • Single nozzle filler up to 300 liters per hour
  • Two nozzles filler from 500 to 700 liters per hour
  • Four nozzles filler from 800 to 1000 liters per hour
  • Six nozzles filler from 1000 to 1200 liters per hour
  • Eight nozzles filler from 1200 to 1400 liters per hour
  • Ten nozzles filler from 1400 to 1700 liters per hour

Liquids which are in range of water according to viscosity are considered as dilute fluids. Liquid filling machine for dilute fluids is able to fill and pack a variety of containers.
Dilute liquids are among the materials used in a variety of filling mechanisms.

  • Types of washers, detergent liquids, Vitax (Bleaching), glass cleaner, anti-bacterial cleaners and etc.
  • Types of solvents such as thinner, alcohol, acetone and etc.
  • Types of chemical fluids such as: Acids, Oxygenated Water, Antifreeze, Liquid Fertilizers and etc.
  • Types of edible liquids such as: Doogh(diluted yogurt), water, edible distillates, syrups, vinegar, juice and etc.

What is a liquid?
Liquid is an interstitial state of matter. That is, something between solid state and gas state. They do not have similar compounds. If there are different compounds in a liquid we say that is solution. Another feature of the fluid is that they can barely be compressed. Compressing means pushing something and forcing it to occupy less space.
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