behfarin Machinery

designer and manufacturer of packaging machines

Packaging is an essential part of a product that is responsible for identifying and maintaining the product from production to consumption. The science of packaging design is the knowledge, art and technology of product protection for storage, storage, transfer and distribution, storage, sale and use in such a way that, on the one hand, there is minimal harm to the content of the product during production to consumption, and on the other hand, to the environment. Enter life. The main task of packaging is to protect the product. From food and pharmaceutical items to consumer goods and home appliances and industrial and strategic goods such as petrochemical products are all related to packaging

Automatic and semi-automatic liquid fillers and powder filling machine

Automatic and semi-automatic capping machine for different boottles

Screw conveyors, automatic and semi-automatic shearing packs

Stainless steel storage tanks and mixers tank

Hopper and Feeder Screw – Process Tank

Rotary drying – hammer mill and pin mill

Bag filler, barrel filler, gallon filler

Powder mixer – ribbon blender

Powder mixer drum

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