Powder transfer machine

Behafarin machine manufacturing company is manufacturer of Powder transfer machine; this machine is for transferring powdered materials from a reservoir to the desired point at different distances. The device functions by a shaft inside a tube that moves the materials through screw blades and all components that are in contact with materials are made of steel or iron. The powder transfer machine consists of a seamless pipe with different diameters and sizes, based on the powder transfer volume and its output efficiency that are built to the customer’s order. The transfer of powder on this device is carried out through blades around the axis of a pipe of a smaller diameter inside the larger tube. The powder transfer device (Hopper) allows you to install the flange into a powder chamber or mixer blender. The advantage of this system is to control the dust generated by the output of the mixer blender to the powder transfer input and it is also possible to connect the output of powder transfer device with the flange on bag filler or powder filler.
This system is driven by pneumatic jacks and damper and by placing an electronic eye it will cause the powder transfer device to move.
The device is fully made of steel and according to the customer’s request; it will also be made of iron.
Tube screw Powder transfer machine:
There is two types of powder transfer machine or screw: Cylindrical and u-shaped.
The screw machine is used for transferring various types of powder with different angles into filling machines or depot powder tanks.
This machine is manufactured in different lengths and its pipe diameter affects the speed and volume of powder transfer. Inside the pipe of powder transferring device, there is a screw that is used to transfer materials inside it.
Advantages of using powder transfer (Screw Conveyor):

  • Occupy the least space
  • Ability to transfer various materials
  • Transmission at all angles
  • Avoid wasting time compared to other methods
  • Avoid loss of product
  • Minimum maintenance and repair is needed
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