Powder mixing device

Powder mixing device is for mixing two or more types

Powder mixing device is for mixing two or more types of homogeneous Powders and that can be used in various industries including: Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc. and also it’s suitable for powders like: Sugar, flour, baking powder, syrup powder, coffee and Nescafé, NAPK fertilizer types, building chemicals, types of powder and paste adhesives, cement, gypsum and dozens of other powders.

Behafarin Company is manufacturer of vertical and horizontal powder mixers in capacities from 100 to 5000 liters.
As two blades are pulling around the axis of a shaft in the opposite directions, powder mixing device mixes smoothly and uniformly in a short time.
The basis of calculating the capacity of a powder mixing device is according to the volumetric mass and density of the liter substance; that means the machine is designed to fit a liter capacity (One hundred liters to five thousand liters) and the space which is occupied by the powder according to volumetric mass (by observing minimum and maximum), is same as the capacity of the ribbon blender.

Powder mixing devices are usually made of iron or steel with grades of 304 or 316 at customer’s request to remain immune for the dairy, pharmaceutical, agricultural, cosmetic and chemical industries in which there are corrosive materials.
Power transfer system in horizontal mixers is via belt and pulley which is from the engine to the gearbox and its power can be determined by the capacity and volume of the machine. Selecting a gearbox is very important.
Behafarin machine manufacturing company uses three and four axle gearboxes.

The powder mixing device has a drain valve in the middle and without the need for the operator it is able to transfer materials that are mixed through a screw or transfer powder with a pneumatic system (damper) by butterfly valve. Powder mixing machines have ability to connect to the filling bag machine and big back.