Thick fluid filling machine

Behafarin machine manufacturing company is Designer and manufacturer of thick fluid filling machines. The mechanism of operation of this machine is based on the amount of cylinder suction and the piston volume. The pattern of movement of the cylindrical arms is provided by the pneumatic jacks or the Coble engine to the gearbox or servo motor. Piston cylinder fillers of Behafarin group are linear and rotary. Single cylinder to ten cylinders is built according to customer’s requirements and required efficiency. Usually, the piston cylinder system is used to fill the thick and half-thick fluids. Of course as long as the Diluted liquid do not foam, it can also be used for filling.

The volume of the pistons of this device is designed and built according to the volume of the container. For better performance, the pistons must be completely polished with magnetic stone. Using suitable packing in accordance with the type of fluid Helps greatly in the accuracy and durability of the cylinder and piston.
Technical Specifications for Piston Cylinder Thick Fluid Filling Machine:

  • Chassis made of Iron cans or steel (50 * 50)
  • Coated steel cover 304
  • 200 liter steel tank 304
  • With a three-meter steel conveyor and an inverter to adjust the engine speed
  • Pneumatic Rig
  • Electrical panel made of polyester equipped with PLC
  • Pneumatic cylinder suction, gearbox or servo motor

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