Weight filling machine

The weight filling machine is a device with at least one tank and a nozzle for filling different bags. Powder filling machine is structurally divided into two groups: slide gate and screw feeder. The slide gate means that in this type of machine, the powders are guided, after weighing, to the nozzle that is at the bottom. This nozzle is made of two gates; the bag is placed around and filled but in the type of screw feeder, this is done by a spiral type. The corrosion of powders, food stuffs and hygienic materials are divided by acidic properties and etc.

Some powders have adhesion properties which should be considered in manufacturing of a weight filling machine. In general, the powder and its features are really important in manufacturing the machine which must be taken into consideration.

Behafarin machine manufacturing company is designer and manufacturer of weight filling machines which are classified according to the type and size of the bag to fill the product and the bag can be either an open mouth bag or a valve bag.
The bag is usually closed by a threaded wheel or ultrasonic sewing machine (which is a new and optimal method). The weight filling machine has the ability to weigh, fill and flush a variety of powder and granular products including: food, medicine, sugar, flour, cement, fertilizers, chemicals, minerals, animal feed and etc. in volumes from 5 to 50 kg inside the bag, nylon, sack, envelopes and containers. The efficiency of this bag filling machine is three tons per hour.

The most important features of this device are precision, durability, integrity and speed, and its high level of automation.
Technical Specifications of Weight Filling Machine:

  • Chassis and body of iron or steel
  • Load cell weighing system with weight display screen
    Possibility of inserting on-screen conveyor
    All components which are in contact with the material of the weight filling machine are made of stainless steel 304
    Guardian for bags

Advantages of using weight filling machine:
In manual method of filling the bag, the speed of production is very low and the cost of the worker is really high and there will be a lot of mistakes in terms of weighing and attending carefully but all of these problems will be solved in the mechanization of machinery and the use of bag filling machines. Using bag filling machines make products to be produced carefully with more discipline and also with better shapes and appearance which has a significant impact on the marketing and sales of products. By using the advanced control system installed on the filler bag, many parameters can be created in a weight filling machine such as drawing a production chart, setting the mechanism of the device and etc. which has a significant impact on productivity.

Types of bag filling machines:
Volumetric bag filler: Volumetric bag is one of the easiest and most used types of bag filling machines which fills the bag based on bag size without weighing facilities and other possibilities. In its simplest form; it requires the operator thus it is a semi-automatic bag filling machine.